Frank Nardone moonstruck by Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

MooncakeChinese people around the world will be feasting on mooncakes come September 25, when China celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival. Actually, says Nardone Baker Wines Managing DIrector, Frank Nardone, who has just returned from an extensive sales tour of China, the Chinese are already feasting on mooncakes.

"It is like the lead up to Easter in China at the moment," remarks Frank. "Just like we see brightly decorated Easter eggs in supermarkets and specialty stores for many weeks leading up to Easter, Chinese supermarkets, stores and restaurants, are full to the brim with mooncake displays.


Frank Nardone plays Cupid in China with SA wine

Frank Nardone plays CupidFrank Nardone happened to be in China on the 7th day of the 7th Lunar month, otherwise known as Qi Xi or Lovers' Day. It fell on August 19 this year. The basic story behind this day, which is the Chinese equivalent to Valentine's Day, combines love with sadness.


Nardone Baker 'sold out' in China

Frank Nardone in ChinaThis is a first for our company, and we hope it is not the last time it happens. Just as Frank Nardone arrived in Shanghai to visit our sales partners and retailers, Chinese wine lovers discovered our wines and completely bought out supplies of Nardone Baker red wine varieties.

"It's one of those quirks of retailing, where consumers discover a new product and demand outstrips supply," muses Frank Nardone.


Nardone Baker's Asian invasion

Nardone Baker Wine on sale in ChinaThe Nardone Baker wine you enjoy is poised to gain greater exposure throughout Asia, as we prepare to meet the challenges of deepening our understanding of the complex and diverse Asian marketplace.


Lack of clouds has a silver lining

Ask any winemaker about the "glut" of Australian wine, and you will hear many different opinions, here's ours!


Lights! Camera! Nardone Baker!

The birth place of Nardone Baker WinesPopular television program, Out Of The Blue, ventures throughout South Australia and travels the world in search of superb food and wine. In May, 2006, the team travelled to the birthplace of Nardone Baker Wines in the hometown of Giuseppe (Joe) Nardone, who left Italy 55 years ago to travel to South Australia and pursue his love of wine and winemaking.

The episode featuring Nardone Baker Wines, went to air late in 2006, in which the two main presenters saluted Joe Nardone as they used Nardone Baker Chardonnay to cook a superb seafood pasta dish on the dazzling shores of Gaeta - the jewel of the Mediterranean.



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